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Melbourne | 5 December 2016
Sydney | 6 December 2016

At the recent Employment Law Matters’ Managing Ill Employees workshop (July), the hot, and difficult topic that was discussed on a surface level was that of the effective management of employees suffering with mental health concerns in the workplace. As an extremely challenging topic for its sensitive nature and with the various “unknowns” this issue raises in a workplace, this Managing Workplace Mental Health workshop will look deeper into the issue over the course of one day; covering the following areas: 
  • employers’ legal obligations, 
  • scenario based training on identifying and responding to mental illness, 
  • dealing with performance and absenteeism, 
  • and complexities around return to work.
Held in both Melbourne and Sydney, workshop attendees will benefit from four different speakers per location. This workshop will cover the legal aspects of the topic more so than our previous Workplace Mental Health Australia conference (in April) that focused on imbedding a culture and strategy to deal with the prevention and management of employees. This Managing Workplace Mental Health workshop will give you the context behind the topic.
Attend this workshop if receiving insights to questions like the following could be valuable to you:
  • Have there been any updates to the legislations, or will there be – if so, how will these impact us?
  • Can you highlight three recent cases that have involved the issue at hand, what can we take away from these from an obligations standpoint?
  • What tips do you have for having that difficult conversation with the employee?
  • What happens if the employee refuses to admit anything is wrong and will not seek professional consultation?
  • What common performance management issues arise when dealing with an employee that has a mental illness?
  • What involvement does a Doctor have in this process; what information should be provided to the employer in this circumstance?
  • If long periods of leave are taken, what can we do and not do to protect our business from operating – in terms of resourcing?
  • Do we have to provide any rehabilitation options for employees that want to return to work; if so, are there guidelines for this? 


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“Knowledge of presenters are exceptional and scenarios applicable,” wrote a HR Advisor of an ELM workshop recently. “Course is informative and provides insightful look at complexities that can arise managing workplace employment”.


Common titles that attend the workshop include: 

  • Workplace Health & Safety
  • Wellbeing
  • Rehabilitation
  • Injury
  • Return to Work
  • Workers Compensation
  • Human Resources

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